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By Dr Mauro DiPasquale


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The Anabolic Diet is a muscle building and fat burning diet. Dr Mauro Di Pasquale developed the Anabolic Diet as a response to drug use. He wanted a diet that gave similar results but naturally & safely.

The Anabolic Diet does this by manipulating your muscle building hormones. Key is eating the right combination of foods at the right time. Not easy, but works if done properly.

Benefits of The Anabolic Diet.
The Anabolic Diet is a high protein, high fat diet which involves carbs cycling. Some things you can expect:

Fat Loss. You force your body to use fat for energy by avoiding carbs for 5 days. Your body stores less fat because you eat lots of fats. You’ll get rid of stubborn fat like love handles. 10% body fat year through is easy.

Muscle Gains. Key to the Anabolic Diet is fatty read meat. This is rich in cholesterol and saturated fats which increase your testosterone levels. Testosterone is the muscle building hormone.

Improved Health. Lower cholesterol & tryglyceride levels, less plaque build up, controlled insulin levels, less food allergies, less acne, … Do a blood test before starting the Anabolic Diet and compare months later.

More Energy. Controlling your carb intake will make you wake up full of energy. You’ll never have blood sugar crashes or heaviness after eating again. Also less irritability & less mood swings.

No Hunger. Fat satiates and makes you feel full longer. You’ll never feel hungry on the Anabolic Diet. You’ll have to remind yourself to eat even though you’ll be eating more than before.